It is the heart that is important


Size: 28″ * 19″
Medium: Acrylics
Flowers are the most beautiful way to express one’s feelings, their fragrance and colour brings a sense of freshness and beauty in the life of our loved ones. The gifts presented in the form of flowers are the best gifts ever given to someone. Though, flowers cannot be stored for life time, but gifts in the form of flowers are the most precious gift, memories of which always remain in the heart of the person forever.The flowers are offered to the deity at in worship confer devotion, prosperity and gratitude.

The “heart” is infinitely vast and profound. Buddhism teaches, “it is the heart that is important”. If one’s heart is filled with the resolve to strive together with one’s mentor, to dedicate one’s life to the happiness of our family and friends, and to realize the grand version of World Peace (kosen-rufu), one’s life will surely be filled with boundless benefits and a good fortune.
Making offerings is an act that connects directly to this great vow of peace and happiness is equivalent to supporting and assisting the realization of great vow. For this reason, the sincere act of making offerings accrue boundless benefit and good fortune in one’s life.